Weight Loss Meditation – 2019 Slim Fast Powerful Easy
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weight loss with meditation

Weight Loss with Meditation 2019

Our Ideas Regarding Weight Loss May Only Partially Be True

What is the Truth Regarding Weight Loss with Meditation?


weight loss with meditationAre you limiting the possibilities of attaining to your ideal weight and waist size? What if your ideas regarding eating and weight loss are more than any concept of DIEting? Why do DIEt plans never work–never last and you regain the weight?

It is a fact that most, if not all DIEts do not last for the long term. All of them promise easy, quick and lasting results.

You begin your new year with a resolution to lose 10 pounds in the next 6-10 days. You nervously hold an image of the new, slimmer, sexy and irresistible mate-attracting you. You tell yourself: “I can do this.” At this moment you are full of desire and determination.

Maybe you even declare to the world: “I’ve tried before. But I know I can do it. I am determined more than ever. This time is going to be different than the last.”

When you start your new DIEt, however, you discover that losing the weight is more difficult than you imagined. After five days and maybe losing 1-2 pounds of weight, you are ready to give up. Very little happening becomes reason to feel bitter disappointment.

But what went wrong this time? The DIEt came highly recommended. Many others claim to have lost a lot of weight.

It is you. Isn’t it? It’s always you–the one who is guilty of not following the steps closely enough? You don’t starve yourself enough. You’re just not smart enough. Right?

You failed, once again. And that is reason enough to just give up. Face it. You are always going to be fat.

Weight Loss with Meditation – Wrong. There’s More to It than You Know…

This is the con? The con is that you don’t know the right questions to ask. The right question to ask is what is wrong with all of these traditional DIEting approaches to weight loss? And why is it they don’t work?

The traditional DIEting approach is focused on total calories intake versus total calories out. This includes someone else designing your meal plans. These may also include some education about proper exercise and recommended supplements to take.

What none of these approaches teach you is the importance of thought-image-meditation. This technique involves holding an image of the new you in your mind. So what is the most effective way to “think yourself thin?”

Weight Loss with Meditation – Your Body is a Mirror Image Reflection

Have you ever thought about this? Your body is a mirror reflection of the thoughts you are holding in your mind?

To lose the excess weight and keep it off you must be willing to do the “inner work.” You must reach readiness to confront how you perceive yourself…

  • how much you love your self, and
  • your thoughts and feelings about your self-image.

This also involves digging up “emotional triggers.” These “emotional triggers” involve digging and squarely facing your past traumas. It is these past traumas, which are in fact manifesting the inner image of an overweight you. An overweight you is not a very lovable person. Is it?

It is this “inner image” of an unlovable overweight you that determines your unhealthy relationship with food.

Weight Loss with Meditation – Learning to Sit Quietly and Still Your Mind…

Learning to sit quietly for at least 20 minutes each day is critical to changing your inner self-image. Step one is to begin to consistently practice weight loss with meditation. It is in this relaxed state you may begin to question yourself about your daily habits of eating and how they are affecting your health.

Which habits hinder your efforts to lose the excess weight?

Which habits promote your efforts to achieve a lasting thinner you?

There is a great deal you can learn about weight loss with meditation. The rest is up to you. It always has been. It always will be.

Remember: there is no perfect place or time to begin weight loss with meditation. All that is required is a quiet place. Don’t just do it once, daily. Do this throughout your day. Hold the image of the new and thinner you in your mind’s eye focus. The rest is an inner miracle that begins to rapidly manifest outwardly in a thinner, more attractive you.

The methods we have developed include rapid weight loss with meditation. They also include educating you about the foods which are making you gain weight. Which foods help you to lose weight? How do you go about substituting foods promoting weight loss for bad foods? The answers you are seeking start here.

Take Action Right Now!

The miracle occurs when you start right now to begin the simple 2-Step Plan. Day by day you will experience self-transformation from overweight to healthier weight person. Within hours you will feel pounds lighter! With the Learn and Apply Formula and Daily Action Plan, you will quickly rise to new heights of self-confidence! Look at the new you in the mirror! You will become the dream you – the new beautiful you, the more sexually attractive and alluring you!

You are one step away from getting the easy to learn and easy to apply answers you need. Take the next step and never look back!







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