Weight Loss Help #1 Powerful Weight Loss Plan 2019
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weight loss help

Weight Loss Help #1 Powerful Weight Loss Plan 2019

The Great Lie of the Commercial Food Industry

weight loss helpWeight Loss Help – Morbid Obesity is on the Rise!

Is the reason why you are getting fatter due to your buying into the Great Lie? Whose Great Lie, you may ask? The whole of the Commercial Food Industry’s Great Lie.

What if every single one of the food additives approved by the FDA as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) are really NOT SAFE?

Maybe, however, you don’t even have the ability to stop the incessant chatter in your brain long enough to listen. Are you listening?

You heard me correctly. NONE of the chemicals labeled as commercial food additives are SAFE. These chemical food additives are making you sicker, stealing away your health, and causing you to grow fatter day by day!

ALL of these man-made, health-stealing and fat growing chemicals are added to commercially manufactured foods. Why? They make tasteless foods taste better, and add assumed (assuming is the Mother of all tragedy) nutrition to nutrition-less products.

But worst of all, these artificially made chemical preservatives and sweeteners bypass your hunger mechanism. What happens then? You find yourself craving more of the same foods. So, you eat more and eat more never fully realizing what is happening to you.

When you stop for just a moment to think the way these evil-minded food manufacturers think…you will begin to understand… “When unthinking and unquestioning Americans eat more of our food, are always hungry and keep getting fatter, we are getting richer and richer. These stupid Americans crave more of the foods we make and sell to them. We have unlimited money to make new products and new chemical poisons and become rich beyond their wildest dreams!”

And you keep buying into the Great Lie because…ignorance is bliss? Extraordinary and massive results only happen when you know what to do. Then take simple daily action steps which bring amazing results!

Weight Loss Help – The Top 9 Most Addictive Foods that Make You Grow Fatter and Fatter

  1. French Fries. Why? French fries dehydrate and absorb fat. Thus, they concentrate more calories than other foods. When accompanies by refined carbohydrates, fats and the chemical additives manufacturers add in cause them to be very addictive.
  2. Sodas. Soda pop drinks all contain either sugar (lots of it), high fructose corn syrup and / or artificial chemical sweeteners. What so many are ignorant of is that these soda pop manufacturers also add caffeine to them, which excites your nervous system. Carbonated drinks also contain phosphorus. Phosphorus blocks absorption of calcium in your bones. Even the diet and light colas contain phosphorus.
  3. Red Meat. I recommend you stop eating the dead flesh of all animals, but you won’t. Therefore, you should strive to at least greatly moderate your consumption of dead flesh. Sausages contain high levels of saturated fat, sodium and calories. Most meats contain nitrates and high levels of sodium. Most meat-eating individuals have no idea of how far along the path of decay (rotting) the dead flesh is that they put into their mouths.
  4. Pasta. When you sit down to a meal of pasta, do you measure out the portion you eat. Of course not! What would be the fun in that? Instead, you consume a meal of pasta containing sauce, condiments and cheeses, along with breads, salad dressings, and desserts. By the time you are finished eating, you are overloaded with high calories, complex carbohydrates, high levels of gluten and chemical additives.
  5. Cakes, Bread, Cookies, Etc. Although they taste so good going down, these pastries are almost always made with refined white flour, added wheat gluten and refined sugar. A daily DIEtary intake of these foods is a perfect recipe for massive weight gain.
  6. Fast Foods. There was a time in my life when I found it hard to resist eating at fast food restaurants. I daily enjoyed a bacon sandwich as much as anybody. Fast food joints have everything in this list and more: bread baked with refined flour, chips, soft drinks, meat, french fries, soda pop and pastries made with refined flour.
  7. Salad Dressings. So what is the problem with salad dressings? Salads are a popular DIEt food. The problem arises with combining an otherwise healthy salad with heavy dressings which actually prevent weight loss. Many of these popular dressings skyrocket triglycerides.
  8. Chocolate. The finest of chocolates are bitter tasting, because they contain the most cocoa. White chocolates are the most harmful. Why? They contain more sugar and chemical preservatives.
  9. Fried Foods. It is better to steam the foods you eat rather than fry foods the traditional way most Americans do it. The average individual cooks with vegetable oils which change molecular structure at higher heat. If you use organic coconut oil, however, on low heat, you are keeping your meal healthy.

Many of the common foods we daily eat would be healthier if only all of the additives were left out. This includes the ones you add in. It also includes all of the chemical preservatives added to food by the commercial food manufacturers. Is it any wonder you try weight loss exercise and nothing happens? A low carb diet is simply starving yourself.

Take Action Right Now!

The miracle occurs when you start right now to begin the simple 2-Step Plan. Day by day you will experience self-transformation from overweight to healthier weight person. Within hours you will feel pounds lighter! With the Learn and Apply Formula and Daily Action Plan, you will quickly rise to new heights of self-confidence! Look at the new you in the mirror! You will become the dream you – the new beautiful you, the more sexually attractive and alluring you!

You are one step away from getting the easy to learn and easy to apply answers you need. Take the next step and never look back!







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