Toxic Mold Exposure in 2019 – Weight Gain, Disease and Death
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toxic mold

Toxic Mold Exposure in 2019

Weight Gain, Disease and Death

The Un-Diagnosed Reality of Toxic Mold Shock Syndrome

toxic mold

In Western culture we analyze, diagnose, name and label everything. We assign scientific names to every known symptom of ill health.

The fact is that there is an epidemic of chronic illness throughout Western culture. This is especially true of Americans. Is there a hidden trigger hiding in plain sight? Could everyday exposure to mold be the cause?

Consider the following excerpt from

Toxic Mold Blepharitis Excerpt From Widipedia

Exposure to toxic mold is mostly unrecognized. It may, however, be the hidden cause of ill health, disease and death. Toxic mold symptoms may include some or all of the following:

  • hormonal imbalance (in both women and men),
  • brain damage and subsequent brain fog (inability to reason normally),
  • chronic gastrointestinal problems, and
  • contribute to autoimmune symptoms,
  • including severe allergic reactions.

Is it possible toxic mold symptoms may be completely unrecognized? When exposure to toxic mold and their microtoxic mold toxins occur, this may greatly contribute to many diseases. This common situation exposes both family members and you. It may also expose extended family, friends, and co-workers. How widespread is this dangerous exposure?

At least 60% of households, commercial buildings, government buildings, schools and dormitories contain hidden mold. It is also fat that at least (conservatively) 20-25% of the American population is susceptible. This is why we are facing an epidemic. But did you know that all of your body functions may be affected?

Research shows that these micro toxins are triggers for recurring infections.

  • sinusitis,
  • Lyme,
  • psychiatric and mental health challenges,
  • kids experiencing frequent recurring infections,
  • just about every known hormonal condition (men and women)
  • brain inflammation and degenerative conditions (including Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s)
  • histamine challenges
  • neuro-degenerative diseases
  • and cancer.

It is also a fact that millions upon millions of individuals and whole families experience mystery illnesses. Medical science fails to provide solid answers for:

  • chronic fatigue,
  • fibromyalgia,
  • brain fog,
  • sleeplessness,

all of which may be triggered by exposure to mold. Have you ever heard of “sick building syndrome?” Ever smelled the foul odor of black goo? There is a growing belief that molds may be the underlying cause of illness throughout the nation. This is most likely due to these organisms producing gas from metabolizing their own form of foods. It is entirely reasonable that molds emit volatile organic compounds.

Breath and other tests have yet to be developed. Such tests would reveal infection due to inhalation of these gaseous organic compounds. Yet, the research evidence, while scant, is trending toward scientific proof.

Is It…Genetic Predisposition to Toxic Mold Infection? Or Suppression of the Immune System Due to DIEt?

Even when tests are developed what would they REALLY reveal? From the medical perspective, these tests would reveal the exhalation of these volatile gases. I personally believe these medical research scientists will always make the same mistakes, over and over, again. They will only observe the symptoms and develop more pharmaceutical poisons to treat the symptoms.

What if a high percentage of Americans are exposed to toxic mold gases every day for decades and develop no illness? Would this not fly in the face of the belief in genetic predisposition? What if the true underlying cause is the suppression of the immune system in the masses due to DIEt? What if you can live “sickness and disease-free” just by knowing which foods are constantly building up your immune system?

Yes, you can in fact spend tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars between medical treatment and ridding your home of toxic mold. Or you could make some simple day by day changes in what you eat, which would not cost you more, but less. And these changes would represent an investment in building up your immune system. This new way of eating would also be the best insurance policy money will never buy from a health insurance corporation.

What don’t you know about how your daily American DIEt of processes foods is continually suppressing your immune system? Learn more, Here.


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