Check Engine Light – 5 Powerful Reasons to Take Action Now!
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check engine light

Check Engine Light

5 Powerful Reasons to Take Action Now!

Your Mechanic is…Clueless.. It’s Up to You to Save Yourself!


Check Engine Light – Clueless in Boise

check engine lightRecently, the check engine light came on in my Hyundai. So, I took it to my mechanic to fix the problem. He got a readout on his code reader that indicated the engine was receiving spare air/fuel mixture. Instead of him looking for the most obvious reason, he interpreted the code to mean I needed to replace my gas line filter. I learned a long time ago that if the mechanic gets the diagnosis wrong, it is going to cost a lot more.

Not convinced, I drove home and began my own research online. I came to the conclusion I needed to change my air filter. Then I went to my local auto parts store. There I bought a $14.00 air filter and changed it myself. Lo and behold! The check engine light turned off!

Trusting myself to self-educate, become more knowledgeable and apply what I learned cost far less. It only required patience and additional time well spent.

Check Engine Light – When Your Doctor Mis-Diagnoses – Often for Monetary Gain

Historically, medical schools have included limited or no curriculum relating to nutrition and exercise, which has led students to report that they are under-prepared to counsel patients about nutrition and exercise. In addition, medical students have been shown to be pessimistic about their ability to learn these skills.Source: ResearchGate

The average individual will never self-educate regarding his or her own health. Like most Americans, he or she will simply drive his or her engine (body) to the local mechanic (doctor). He or she will say: “Doc, these are my symptoms. Fix me!” But what happens in a “for profit” medical industry? Your doctor is part of that “for profit” industry. Is he not? You never consider the possibility that your doctor is only interested in your dollar value. Do you?

You are not at fault for your deep fears of ever daring to take control of your own health. You were programmed with both intentional and unintentional mind control techniques. These techniques instilled into you a deep fear of ever following your intuition about being healthy.

Your parents dragged you to your family doctor, even when you tried to resist. You were bombarded with medical ads from early childhood. These Tell-LIES-vision ads told and tell you that only your doctor (god) knows best.

Even worse, you watched some of your favorite family members die in the hospital. You witnessed doctors and nurses coming and going out. You are programmed to beLIEve this is the way it is. There is no other choice regarding your health. Your health is out of your control. The control of your health belongs to doctors. The doctors are controlled by the “for profit” medical industry and big pharmaceutical corporations.

But worst of all, though you don’t know it, you are letting another individual “practice medical theory” on your physical body.

Take Action Right Now!

The miracle occurs when you start right now to begin the simple 2-Step Plan. Day by day you will experience self-transformation from overweight to healthier weight person. Within hours you will feel pounds lighter! With the Learn and Apply Formula and Daily Action Plan, you will quickly rise to new heights of self-confidence! Look at the new you in the mirror! You will become the dream you – the new beautiful you, the more sexually attractive and alluring you!

You are one step away from getting the easy to learn and easy to apply answers you need. Take the next step and never look back!







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